We offer various billboard advertising formats to suit your every need.


These displays are 10’ X 40’ and are also known as 96 sheeters and are used predominantly for full market exposure. Usually located in major urban arterial routes and throughout commercial areas, these displays target specific geographic or retail zones, giving tremendous impact in the outdoor marketplace.

Spectacular displays are over 600 square feet in size. Some of these massive displays are 40ft x 80ft or bigger - some sites exceed 3000 square feet. It allows for the customisation of the layout with cut-outs and extensions – providing high impact visibility.These massive, illuminated advertising poster displays stand out on key highway and urban locations.Typically for long term contracts only. However short term bursts may be considered as well.
Freestanding 20ft X 60ft
Single sided 20ft X 80ft Unipole
Double sided 20ft X 80ft Unipole
Single sided 40ft X 80ft Unipole
Double sided 40ft X 80ft Unipole
Double sided 60ft X 40ft Unipole / Towersign
Overhead bridge (OHB)
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